Contra – Original Video Game Soundtrack LP

Contra Original Game Soundtrack

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One of the best 2-player experiences on the NES is celebrated with this 30th anniversary vinyl release from Mondo. Two dudes and an arsenal of epic artillery against an alien force hellbent on taking over the world—this is CONTRA!


Side A – NES / FAMICOM Version
A1. Title / A2. Introduction / A3. Jungle / A4. Base Theme / A5. Boss Battle / A6. Stage Clear / A7. Waterfall / A8. Snowfall / A9. Energy Zone / A10. Alien's Lair / A11. Alien Dead / A12. Victory – Game Over

Side B – ARCADE Version
A1. Title – Coin / A2. Jungle / A3. Base Theme / A4. Boss Battle / A5. Stage Clear / A6. Waterfall / A7. Snowfall / A8. Energy Zone / A9. Alien's Lair / A10. Alien Dead / A11. Victory – Game Over / A12. Ranking